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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hulk Is Not Stupid Frog!!!

From The Line It Is Drawn week 103:

Video game characters team-up or mash-up with comic book characters. Blade and Simon Belmont team-up, Deadpool in Halo, etc.

Twitter follower, rodtownsend, suggested Hulk as Frogger.  The green goliath is not bound by the same rules!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aquaman The Swim Teacher

From The Line It Is Drawn week 101:

It is Super Hero 101! Come up with a class you think a comic book would need to take/would be funny if they took. Wood Shop with Wolverine, History with the Planetary crew, etc. etc.

Suggestion of "Aquaman in swim class" came from Twitterer KeithAlanMorgan.  I went with him as the instructor, teaching kiddos how to swim.  The pool is filled with dangerous sea creatures, which Aquaman doesn't see as dangerous at all.  I don't know if that came across, or if  Aquaman comes across as a jerk.   Either way, here you go.

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