Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mr.!

The Mario boys wish you the best and if I can print and frame this puppy, it's all yours. It's also tax day so I always regret when yer birthday comes around. Bastid.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Red Skull

Nothing says Easter like posting a depiction of a comic book, Nazi super-villain. I happened upon a Jack Kirby Captain America trade on my shelf and, while flipping through it, saw a great issue with a maniacal looking Red Skull. I always loved how Kirby drew the Red Skull with a large brow, uneven eyes, crooked teeth, and a chin weaker than grandma's. It made him look that much creepier. So, inspired, I banged out this little number instead of hitting the gym. Happy Easter from the Red Skull family to you and yours.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kind Of Okay Comics #010

Rex Tarkleton reared his lost head today and delivered this piece, his tenth in the series, officially hitting the double digit mark. I informed him of this and he just glared at me wildly. I got a little uncomfortable after awhile and politely closed my apartment door, leaving Rex, frozen in his crook-eyed glance, to his own wits in the hallway. Last I checked through my peephole, he was still there with the same menacing stare. I'll have to go water his eyeballs soon if he keeps this up. In any case, thanks for the comic, Rex!


Cap'n Crunch Revisited

I don't know what the interest in Cap'n Crunch is lately, but he's pretty terrific. I've been perusing the old Jay Ward cereal commercials a lot on youtube and must say that I positively love that old style. Though Cap'n Crunch cereal stays crunchy in milk, the downside is that it tends to shred the hell out of the roof of your mouth. Only the saltiest of sea dogs, mightiest of mariners, most jubilant of jack-tars, greatest of gobs, or perhaps the surliest of six year olds dare stomach the stuff!


Newest Project Idea That Probably Should Have Never Been Realized

Stay tuned for new installments of The Further Adventures of Nancy Reagan (and her sidekick Frank Sinatra's ghost!). Action and adventure! Thrills and chills! Mystery and suspense! Maybe even a pie eating contest!


Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Crunch Time...

Is the Cap'n in you? I hope not. Quick sketch that I might come revisit...


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey, all. Mere minutes before March MODOK Madness comes to a close for another year. I whipped this sketchy puppy out just under the wire. Whew.

I want to thank everyone who has supported this blog this month. Thank you to all the artists who contributed their wonderful MODOK renderings. Thank you to all the collectors who shared their collected pieces featuring MODOK. I'm glad that you see the genius in Kirby's character and commission works that include him. Thank you to all the websites and blogs out there who linked to us. You guys sent major traffic our way and helped get people involved in the madness. Thanks to all the people who came by and checked out the many different MODOKs. Last but certainly not least, a lot of thanks to Pedro Delgado, partner in crime and co-administrator on this blog, for not only your inspiring pieces, but your tireless effort in maintaining and promoting March MODOK Madness. [Cue "get-the-hell-off-the-stage" music here.]

Yes, it is a sad affair to see the end of March for 2009 and a whole year of MODOKlessness. But if you love Jack Kirby that much, how about contributing to the April Reign of Arnim Zola? Why not? See you next year. Just like summer camp. Love.