Friday, July 31, 2009

Gowanus Gary Dot Com

So, I launched, in a sense,, or at least put something there to hold its place. I really haven't figured out the content of said site and want to do a big launch after I figure out promotional magnets to spread around. For now, Gary's just bobbing back and forth.

August 1st is upon us and the summer is rapidly coming to a close. I want to work out a few things this month, get some projects going, like my show pitches and character/prop design portfolio. Rex Tarkleton has been located and promises to submit a few more "Kind of OK Comics" strips, at his leisure of course. He claims to have sketched out up to strip #52, which if released weekly, would cover a year. I roughly sketched out an idea for a comic I'm doing with some friends, tentatively named "Nuts and Bolts" featuring the ongoing battle between squirrels and robots. I'm also figuring out how to mesh Steve Buscemi's image with orthodox icon imagery. We'll see about that one. Beyond that, need me some employment so I can take me a vacation. Isn't that what it's all about?


Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Can Pencil You In, Mr. Buscemi.

I got wet in the rain, was bored on the train, with Steve Buscemi on the brain, and did a couple sketches that are insane. Maybe it's a Brooklyn-Sunday-the-F-train-is-messed-up-again thing and I needed something to do. And I can't think of a better muse than the esteemed Mr. Buscemi. More Buscemis to come.

Oh, and shortly after I posted the first Buscemi (of many to come), I received a comment from the mysterioso Mr. Shhh, who writes a blog dedicated to Steve Buscemi. He, sadly, has no Buscemis in Uruguay and points out I am lucky to have at least one Buscemi here in Brooklyn. I concur, for a country without a Buscemi is a sad place to be. Thanks for popping in, Mr. Shhh!


Steve Buscemi The First

I was thinking of drawing a bunch of Buscemis. Why? Because the world needs a lot of Steve Buscemis. Like a thousand of them. Just milling about in the public spaces, like pigeons, but more like flocks of Buscemis really. Sitting on statues and telephone wires, cooing in the morning light. I think I'm losing it. More Buscemis to come.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

MacMulligan's Grievous Golf Gaffes: The Slice

MacMulligan returns to further educate you failing fairway fops in the skill and etiquette of the game of golf. Now that you've learned the proper method of the follow through, Mac demonstrates a particular drive that is a common bane of the novice golfer:

The Slice

A troublesome occurrence for the amateur golfer, a slice is a drive wherein a ball, in an arc, flies to the right of the intended target. Often, into the deep, dark, scary woods. There are ways to fix issue with correcting grip and stance, however MacMulligan is an advocate of adopting the direct and literal definition when slicing the ball. Ach, yae blootered bampots!

Well, that's all for MacMulligan. If anyone shows any interest maybe I will do up a few more "cards", but for now I move onto other thangs.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

MacMulligan's Grievous Golf Gaffes: The Follow Through

Now that you've perfected the fine art of divot making, and perhaps archeological digging as well, MacMulligan continues his pedantic golf instruction with a lesson in the all important follow through:

The Follow Through

As any golf pro will tell you, the follow through is a pertinent part of a long drive golf swing, as to continue the centrifugal force that keeps your club face in line when making contact with the ball. MacMulligan is a long time advocate of such a maneuver in his personal game, yet sometimes, overcome with much zeal and concentration, can overdo it. Luckily, he carries the jaws-of-life with him in his caddy bag just in case. Ach, ye boggin bawbags!

Oh, MacMulligan! Is there anything you don't know?


Friday, July 10, 2009

MacMulligan's Grievous Golf Gaffes: The Divot

For all you golf aficionados, fans, and links hitters, meet Malcolm MacMulligan, golf professional and Scotsman to boot. Having trouble with your game? Let MacMulligan point you in the right direction (I assume that direction is towards the green):

The Divot

A divot is caused when a swung club meets the ground of the fairway before contacting the ball, causing a scrape upon the turf. MacMulligan is an old pro when it comes to the art of the divot. Is he golfing or excavating? Remember, it's always polite to repair your divots. In MacMulligan's case, he could use a steamshovel! Ach, ye mingin midgies!

1 of 3 images I created recently, a present for Scotty Boy's birthday. Hope you have a good one.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Pinch Of Basil

If find yourself in New York, through fault of residing here, visiting as an annoying tourist, or took a wrong turn in Connecticut somewhere, I highly recommend popping into Gladstone Gallery to view the Basil Wolverton exhibit currently on display. Within, the walls are filled with a plethora of Wolverton goodness, rather a quite extensive and impressive collection. Let's say it made me hungry to create. Inspired by the man's work, I present Chester Cheswad. Cheswad was a character I created one night at the ripe age of 16 or so. Unfortunately, the Ches-man met an unfortunate end when a cupcake, frosting side down and aided by gravity, plopped upon the colored pencil rendering during a fateful lunch in high school. I was fairly upset at his demise, so much so, that a post-mortem ode was even written by a friend to commemorate the brief existence of the goofy character. But now he's back in a failed crosshatching and stippling attempt in emulation of Wolverton. Might try a few more....


Friday, July 3, 2009

Here Come The Warm Jets... And An Ironman, Too.

Request for an Ironman drawing fulfilled, here's a pic of the armored avenger playing tag with a few F-14s, in all his motion picture armor glory. Hope to get that on its way to you soon, the artist known as Mino, but for now, it lives in the digital world of the internets amongst the ones and zeroes, viruses and spam mails, and lots of nekkid naughtiness abound. I think billionaire-industrialist-playboy Anthony Stark would approve of the latter.