Sunday, March 31, 2013

Galactus And His MODOKed Heralds Shoot Some Pool

From The Line It Is Drawn: Week 132 :

In honor of MODOK March Madness, tweet us ideas for comic book characters that you’d like to see given the MODOK treatment!

 I handle "Galactus shooting pool with all his heralds as Modok billiard balls! Silver Surfer would be the cue ball of course" as suggested by Howlermouse.

Brian was kind enough to suggest a March MODOK Madness week and the Liners hit it out of the park!


Friday, March 29, 2013

WTF Frantic Friday Fracas: ROUND 1

Welcome to ROUND 1 of WTF Frantic Friday Fracas!  Two war-torn warriors enter the rage ring and barbarically battle to the bitter end, leaving one victorious... and the other vanquished!  The best part: YOU get to decide who wins!  Vote for your favorite fighter in the poll at the bottom of the post each and every week until there is only one: the WTF Champion of the World!

Meet this week's courageous combatants:

Angry Grilled Cheese

Name: Angry Grilled Cheese
Strengths: Good at geography
Weaknesses: Fear of goats
Signature Move: The Manic Muenster Mop-up


Dirty Sock

Name: Dirty Sock
Strengths: Sees the good in all people
Weaknesses: Disco dancing
Signature Move: The Stink-Wrap Smother

Poll closes on Thursday at 3pm, results and two more combatants post next Friday.  Choose wisely!


WTF Frantic Friday Fracas: ROUND 1
Choose your winner and then press "vote" button below.

Monday, March 18, 2013

MODOK For Eisner Week

From The Line It Is Drawn week 129:

In honor of 2013′s Will Eisner Week (read more about it here), you simply have to name a comic book character and our artists will do a pin-up incorporating that character’s name into the piece, a la Will Eisner and the first pages of his famed comic book, The Spirit. Thanks to John Trumbull for the great suggestion!

Suggested via Twitter by BigMike20X6: MODOK.  I can't pass up a MODOK suggestion, especially during March MODOK Madness!

Check the top link above to check out other great pieces from the other talented Liners.


Office Cat 52

Unlikely bus mates...


Friday, March 1, 2013