Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kegger Dingus

College is an interesting time in one's life. You're out on your own, studying for midterms, and preparing for a career. And then there's Dingus, funneling beers, doing kegstands, and acing Mass Consumption 101. And don't forget the "Freshman 10": Drunken Boy Dingus outdrank 10 freshmen in a single night. Not a bad feat, even though they're freshman. They say college are the years you will always remember fondly, which may be true for you and me, but Dingus, on the other hand, may not remember much.


Down & Out Dingus

Poor little Dingus. He's fallen so far, right into the gutter. Literally. He should have gotten his GED. But, wait. He's got a friend to keep him company while wallowing down in the dumps: a pint of rotgut, eye-blinding booze. Hey, it probably won't do any good, but it's tasty.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, the last bastion of the fall down drunk. Drunken Boy Dingus thrives in the Big Easy, home of Pat O'Brien's Hurricane, the to-go cup, and bars that never close. If you ever make it down to the Crescent City, you'll see a Dingus or two seeking support from the gas lit light poles on and around Rue Bourbon. You don't think they were put there to illuminate the street, did you?

This piece was done back in 2001 for a friend's birthday after a crew of us went to Jazzfest that year. It was also included in the 2002 show. I guarantee.



Who knew that running down the bar naked while making claims of being the second coming and doing scientific research under patrons' skirts could get you tossed from a gin joint? Well, watch your actions, little Dingus, it seems society has gone and gotten itself some rules. What are they? Hell if I know, but it's probably best not to flood the pool table with martinis to make your own slip-and-slide.

Another piece here from 2002, and the "Liverbender Lounge" is also based on the Abbey. The Abbey's owner even has a framed version at his home and has toyed with the idea of naming a place "Liverbender's". Life truly does imitate art.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

After Work

After a long day of pushing pencils, one deserves an after work drink, or two, or three, or seven. Drunken Boy Dingus is one of the after work crowd, but then again he's part of the late night crowd, and the "it's-4-AM-get-out-of-the-bar-and-go-home" crowd. Hey, after an 8 hour work day, Dingus needs to relax at the bar for a good 10 hours.

The bar in this piece is based on the window end of the Abbey, near the "power corner". It was also drawn, I guess, at a time when you could still smoke in NYC bars. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.


D.U.I. Dingus

Woah! Wrong turn there, little Dingus! Just goes to show, booze can totally impair your ability to drive. Next time, take a cab. Or take a nap under the pool table. Seriously, kiddies, drinking and driving ain't cool.

The D.U.I. vs. D.W.I. debate rages on. Where I grew up, you could get slapped with a "duey", driving under the influence. In other states, it's called driving while intoxicated. Either way, you're pretty screwed.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

J.P. Dingus

J.P. Dingus, a captain of industry, drinking a snifter of brandy after crushing unions and small businessmen alike. His favorite stock? Anything on the top shelf and lots of it! This tycoon knows how to live the good life: make money and drink champagne until you puke out the profits!

The original piece in the 2002 show had a scanned image of a stocks page from the financial section of the Times, which I'm unable to locate at this time. Cheers!


Drunken Boy Dingus

Drunken Boy Dingus was first created in 2000-2001 as a quick doodle one night when I was spending a lot of time on the LES at some buddies' place on Henry Street. We were all very creative back in those days and produced a lot of work. This particular character in doodle form spent some idle time collecting dust on top of my fridge in Brooklyn until one day I saw potential in the character. I started working out drawings of the little dude, did some flash stuff with him, and even started (which is currently defunct). This particular piece was part of a show I had in 2002 here in Brooklyn and it hurts to look at it now. This was the title piece of the Dingus part of the show and it has some bad photoshop "dodge and burn" which I relied too heavily on back in the day. Well, it's history and this week I'll be posting some old Drunken Boy Dingus pics. Sit back, have a beer, then another, then another, and enjoy.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg Cover #4: Luxo, The Living Condo

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg #42- Our likable, lumbering, luxury live-in continues to soulfully search for a habitable homeland as he recovers from his battle with the dastardly duo, Bridge and Tunnel! Just as he discovers a reliable, restful refuge, a nefarious nasty returns to reap retaliation! Now five times larger and just as hungry, the Predatory Lender stalks steadily to stamp out the beloved behemoth known as Luxo! Will our weakened, weathered warrior survive the sucking smack down of a substantial scoundrel of somewhat similar size?


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg Cover #3: Madam Mainstay

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg #37- Mild mannered Mabel Manicotti accepts a new tenant in her North 6th Street tranquil tenement this month. However, the benevolent boarder may be more than he seems! Will the majestic Madam Mainstay fall into a mournful, murderous mousetrap or is the most recent, red-herring renter a mere fly in the spider's web? It's inter-dimensional incitement as we experience the titillating Terror from Tenant X!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg Cover #2: The Slick

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg #23- Just when things were looking up in the Slick's personal life as Carl Carrington, a new toxic menace is born on the South Side: The Radiac Maniac! And the glimmering, glowering, gloom-gangster is gunning for the Slick! Will our nocturnal knight be able to nimbly neutralize the nuclear knave and make it to dinner on time with his special lady friend? Don't miss this issue!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WTF Blogspot? Invert Me, Willya?

Don't know what is up with Blogger messing up my posts with inverted colors. The above test color field should read red left and green right. Maybe I'm an affront to God. Hhhrrrrmmmm....

[UPDATE: This one worked. God has forgiven me. Thanks, big buddy.]

[UPDATE the second: It wasn't God at all. Since I've been printing the past two pieces, I had them in cmyk, not rgb. The internets likes a da' rgb. Good to know, and this color test helped me realize it.]


Toxic Tales of Williamsburg Cover #1: Captain Hipster

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg #14- Captain Hipster falls under control of I.T.H.O.D., the Ironic Trucker Hat Of Doom, when he innocently dons the diabolical dicer down upon his dome! Will the good Captain's magnanimous might be enough to break free of the malicious malcontent's mental manipulations? Find out in this month's issue, dependable devotees!


Monday, October 15, 2007

Show's Over

Well, the Toxic Tales of Williamsburg came down this past weekend. It was quite an ego boost for yours truly and I would like to thank all of you who attended the opening, showed interest over the past month, purchased prints, or just supported my efforts in general. Many thanks to Mark Quinlan, gallerist and bartender supreme, who conceived the idea of hosting art shows at the Abbey, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, home to many artistic individuals. During this week, I will be posting each piece that was hanging on the brick walls of the hallowed pub, starting with this one, featuring four pinups of my local heroes. Hope to get some new stuff up as well. Word.