Sunday, July 29, 2007

Heeeeeeere's Jack!

Jack's back, baby, and he don't use no doors. Dressed to the 9 in Oscar wear with the iconic bluesman shades. Makes me want to do a series of Hollywood bad-asses.



Dagan Moriarty said...

haaaa, nice work Bren-dohne! :)

i had NO idear you had a blog, but NOW i know... and knowing is 1/2 the battle, as they say!

("They" meaning Doc, Blow-Torch and Ship-Wreck, of course!) :)

Hope all is well with you, brutha-man... You still hanging around those old stomping-grounds of ours?... :) Please tell the gang I said 'hello!'


I am on board now.....I am working your link onto the Blog post haste.
My only comment would be that as much as I like the colored line treatment. I would like to see it slightly varied in colors of those lines just to spice it up for the eyes a tad.

But, some holiwood bad asses can't go wrong. I am pulling for LEE VAN CLEEF.


Brendan Tobin said...


Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, the blog gathered a little dust for two months, but I'm clearing out the old "work" file and posting a bit.

I'm doing well and at least for the next four weeks, I am hanging around the old stomping-grounds. Maybe I should re-christen the fun deck.


Brendan Tobin said...


Welcome aboard and thanks for the linkage!

Yeah, I enjoy employing the colored "self" line on objects and characters occasionally. In this piece, it appears maybe a bit too soft on the flesh and teeth, compared to the dark hair and glasses.

Lee Van Cleef is definitely a Hollywood badass. He is now on the list. Thanks.


Andy J Smith illustration said...

nice i keep saying i am gonna do some caricatures but wind up umm... not doing that. yours look great though! get a series of 8-10 and then send them to some magazines!

Brendan Tobin said...


Thanks for the support! Yeah, I'm pretty happy with Jack here and the Clint piece as well. I do want to do more caricatures (as do you, as I read recently on your blog) and vary them up a bit. Maybe I'll take your suggestion and try and bang out a good 10 of them and shop them around.