Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Rapture: A Gathering of the Tobins

Well, last weekend, I attended a family reunion and survived. Above is a newly minted family crest to reflect what I remember most about it and what helped me forget a good deal of it. Little do people know that a beer keg was quite commonly depicted on the Tobin family crest for centuries, but due to political pressuring during Prohibition, the Tobins were forced to remove the offending image. I've decided that it's been long enough and that the tea-totaller big wigs on Capitol Hill are safely resting in hallowed ground and thus return the beer keg rightfully to our treasured family coat-of-arms. Pierre Tobin, the dreaded Irish pirate and scourge of the seas, would be quite proud indeed.

Good to see all you Tobins in your many splintered factions and, if you're reading this entry, give me a shout out on the comments. That is, if you're all still talking to me after the whole "burn-the-couch-and-throw-it-in-the-pool" incident...


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