Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sot! Artwork

I took a few snaps of the artwork, excluding my pieces, hanging in the SOT! art show. The pics aren't lighted great and I'm no Ansel Adams, but below are some of the works very talented artists contributed. Again, my thanks go out to them for making such a great show so successful.

Borracho 1498, Helena Petersen

Utica Club, David Cahill

Untitled, Keith Vincent

Untitled, Kelly Denato

All The Way, George Lowrey

Pink Elephant Stink!, Pedro Delgado

Decisions At The Under The Bed Tavern, Andy J. Smith



Andy J Smith illustration said...

Some cool stuff! Thanks again for inviting me to partake! Can you put me in touch with David Cahill? I'm interested in seeing if he'd make me a print of the Utica Club drawing.

kdenato said...

I'd like a print of that too!