Friday, December 19, 2008

Missing In Action And Lost In 2008

Hey all,

Don't know if anyone checks my poor, neglected blog any more, but if you're reading this, thanks for dropping by. It's been nearly three months since I posted and, as you can see, Monster Month was hugely successful, profitable, and creative. Heh. However, hopefully things will pick up in January. Here's a few pieces I had worked on in my absence from the blogosphere:

Front cover and disc artwork for WFUV's FUV Live Vol. 11.

Poster for the Abbey's third annual Simpson's Thanksgivathon. Pictured is bartender Mark.



:: smo :: said...

so maybe i'm a creep for it, but i went through and added all the blogs on my links page to my "followed blogs" and now they pop up in my blogger and google reader.

so in short YES i do read your blog! to the point where google reader is like "whoa snap! dude, brendan just updated! check it out before it gets cold!

the new stuff looks good! i love the simpsons caricature!

get on that monster month retroactively! i need to get movin myself on some new stuff, i've slowed to a halt lately!

James said...

It's good to see you posting again. I've been checking from the shadows...and it was a nice surprise to see new stuff! Thanks man!

Hsin-Yi said...

I agree with the other posts! The new work looks great! And I also check your blog =)

birdbirder said...

i'm here too