Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Maleficent MODOK #1: A Marvel Masterwork Pin-Up Page Sketch


It's over? I didn't even finish... I feel like a Liefeld....

Thank you to all the talented peoples who contributed, thank you to all you bloggers. tweeters, facebookers, and newsies who promoted, thank you, Mr. Pedro for your assistance as co-creator/curator. Extra shout out to Kasra, whose massive MODOK collection continues to delight and amaze.

Here's my final piece for March MODOK Madness 2010, a Marvel Masterwork Pin-Up of the Mo-man, however I didn't get to finish... So here's a look at how I sketch my work out, red with the blood of the innocent! MODOK would be proud.

I will continue The Maleficent MODOK #1 issue right here.... Come see the finished pin-up page, the end of "Boyos' Night Out" and the final arc, "Hydra Comes A' Callin'" soon.
I must be going now....


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