Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jonah Hex, Ah Reckon

He was a hero to some, a villain to others...and wherever he rode people spoke his name in whispers. He had no friends, this Jonah Hex, but he did have two companions. One was death itself…the other, the acrid smell of gunsmoke.

My absolute favorite Western comic character published by the people at DC, the gruff, misshapen bounty hunter known as Jonah Hex.



News said...

see complete JOHNA HEX movie here


Great looking Hex Brendan..


M. Walsh said...

This is great! Love the colour choices as well.

Brendan Tobin said...

Thanks, guys. Except you, News, you can't even spell Jonah right, you muscular spambot. However, Pedro and Michael, you are both talented in your own rights. Really dug your Jonah Hex and Repaneled work, Michael.