Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kind of Okay Comics #033

Well, I was passing by a drainage ditch yesterday and, much to my surprise, my old friend, Rex Tarkleton, was laying about in the muck gazing at the sky. I asked him what he was doing and he replied, "The backstroke, ya idiot." After helping him out of the grimy pit and lighting his dampened smoke, I agreed to buy this new strip from him. As we parted ways, I wished him a Happy Labor Day, to which he retorted, "Labor Day? You ain't never had a hard day o' work in yer life!" and completed the good tiding with a few gestures and colorful adjectives. I'd like to say it was good to see him and wonder how he ended up in Rhode Island, but these questions will have to be answered on our next chance meeting. Welcome back, Rex.




Welcome back Rex... You've been missed..


Mr.Mr. said...

YES! Man, I've been waiting so long for this, and its well worth the wait. Super Duper Happy Face.