Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cover Homage

From The Line It Is Drawn, week 106

A return of one of our regular bits! Comic cover homages! Name a comic book character you’d like to appear in an homage to a classic comic book cover!
Twitter follower Ecovore suggested: Guardians of the Galaxy/Giant-size X-men 1 homage

I'm a fan of the original line-up from old issues of Marvel Presents, specifically, I remember getting an issue as a kid that featured the Guardians teaming up with the Silver Surfer and instantly being hooked. I enjoyed a few issues of their return in the early 90s, but soon lost interest. The new series I don't know that well, but I've always enjoyed the old Marvel monsters (like Groot) and was a fan of Mantlo/Mignola's Rocket Raccoon series, and the new Starlord seemed like he would be fun to draw.

My recent pieces, this one in particular, seem to be running very hot and saturated in their color treatment and it remains something I'm trying to correct as I continue to study different palettes.

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