Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Obscurity Legion

From The Line It Is Drawn Week 190:
It’s the theme I like to get to at least once a year – comic book cover homages! Suggest a comic book character (or characters) in an homage to a classic comic book cover!
The ever present and lovely BigMike20X6 suggested: Sabra, Captain Ultra, Overmind, El Aguila, Shamrock, Paladin, American Eagle, Sunfire, & Scott Lobdell on Justice League Europe Annual #2.  Who knew?  Big Mike knew, that's who.  Who's who? Me not know.

Check out the other great stuff drawn by the Liners here.


1 comment:

Mike Shirley said...

This is easily one of my favorite pieces that you've done based on my WTF Suggestions, which only encourages me to keep making those WTF Suggestion.

Love it. Thanks so much man. I love ya.