Friday, May 15, 2015

The Infinity Zombie War

Didn't get this piece done for the week, but posting it here:

From The Line It Is Drawn, week 239:
In honor of Secret Wars #1 out next week, mash-up two famous Marvel storylines. So, for instance, Planet Hulk and Planet of the Symbiotes becomes Planet of the Hulk Symbiotes. Feel free to just write, say, Armor Wars + Age of Apocalypse, Ultron Unlimited + Clone Saga, etc.
A Twitter follower suggested: The Infinity War and Marvel Zombies.  This one got away from me, as deciding to do an homage to Infinity War #1, which was a three fold gate cover (I had to settle on 1/3), and the detail of corpsey rot took up some time.

Check out the amazing work by the talented Liners here.


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