Friday, December 4, 2015

The Line It Is Drawn: Thanksgiving Leftovers

From Week 81: In honor of Ralph McQuarrie, the concept artist for Star Wars who passed away a few days ago, this will be a Star Wars week. Team-up or mash-up Star Wars characters with comic book characters!  Twitter follower, dc2omniverse, suggested: Jonah Hex in Darth Vader’s bounty hunter lineup.

From Week 84: Dream casting! Pick a famous actor that you’d like to see portray a comic book character and our artists will draw said actor/actress as that character. What would a Clark Gable
Superman look like? Or a Michael Caine John Constantine? Stuff like that. Twitter follower, PBPJFC, suggested: Robert Mitchum as Superman.

From Week 259: In honor of their new show debuting next week, it’s a Muppets/comic book character mash-up week!  Twitter follower, KeithAlanMorgan, suggested: Sgt. Rock and Easy Company as Muppets!


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