Friday, May 27, 2016

Brain Cancer Awareness

From The Line It Is Drawn, Week 291:
This week is a special theme. Caanan Grall, one of the original artists on the Line it is Drawn and the creator of the excellent Max Overacts, sadly has a brain tumor. He is getting it operated on Tuesday and he asked if we could do a special Line about cancer and tumors this week, with him making suggestions and the artists also choosing ideas of their own. While we were planning this, sadly Darwyn Cooke also passed away from cancer. Caanan suggested we expand it to a general anti-cancer week. Cooke was from Canada and Caanan lives in Canada, thus we thought it would be nice to mention that Cooke’s family requested that anyone interested in donating to charity in honor of Cooke send the money to the Canadian Cancer Society or to The Hero Initiative. Meanwhile, the Gralls have a GoFundMe that has been generously funded so far, but you know that they could use even more, as they deal with Caanan being out of work for months.
I went with MODOK rallying against brain cancer for Caanan.  Good luck, pal, and all the best.

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