Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone had a cozy and romantic St. Valentine's Day, except for you lonely types, who, I'm sure, just got drunk and sobbed yourselves to sleep while rocking in the fetal position. As for myself, I had a lovely night with the lady, in which I prepared a pretty decent meal. There were also high priced flowers involved. As well as all that, the image above was a self-designed card which Cara really dug, mainly because it depicts the beasties who roam Apt. 4R, doing their favorite activity: the snuggle. I guess it's love, unnatural male kitty love, but love nonetheless.


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yeah I still like it.....especially with that head tilted back like that........Looking at my roomies cat yesterday I realized that he also has that wacky Solo Black whisker too.

We need to figure out the specifics of next month man.