Friday, February 22, 2008

North Korea Steps Up Giant, Killer Rectangle Program

IDAHO FALLS, ID- Kim Jong Il took one of his favorite giant, killer rectangles for a "mall crawl" yesterday at a local Idaho Falls shopping mall, stopping briefly at the food court to purchase a McDonaldland hot fudge sundae. Celebrations were cut short, however, when the rectangle became "crankypants", followed by a brief rampage that caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to public property. Fourteen mall patrons were injured in the ensuing chaos. The couple were last seen driving South on I-15 in their rented Ford Expedition. Officials remain "slightly concerned."

Hey kids! Would you like to train in the USAF to help combat the giant, killer rectangle invasion planned by the Axis of Evil™? Start training today!



Mr. Barry said...

Good stuff, Brendan. I'm not as creative as you, but we are plugging away on our school blog...maybe you have suggestions for artwork on our site. :) DB

Mr. Barry said...

It would easier for you to access it if I gave you the site, eh?


I got ten seconds.


Brendan Tobin said...

Mr. Barry,

Good to hear from you, cousin. Thanks for coming by! I checked out your blog, good stuff. If I can think of any suggestions, I will email soon.


Yeah the flash game is pretty hard, but addictive. My personal best is 16.5xx seconds, which probably ain't all that good by Air Force standards. The "Giant, Killer Rectangle" post here is a response to an email with that link in it from my Pops. The whole Tobin side of the family is trying to outdo one another, with my cousin Mike in the lead.


Gary Doodles said...


This hit the spot.

Brendan Tobin said...

I figured that would be right up your alley, Mr. Doodles. Good to hear from you.