Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Dreaded Cake Monster

If there's one thing the cake monster likes, it would have to be delicious cake. But really, you probably figured that out for yourself.

Anyway, thanks to Mark for throwing me an impromptu bash at the Abbey on Thursday. Thanks to all who showed up, called, or emailed me their birthday wishes. Good #32 all around.

However, now that it's the 5th, our beloved cake monster moves on over to devour Hsin-Yi's birthday cake. Have a good one, girl, and cake monster, I'll see you next year.



Hsin-Yi said...

Thank you Brendan! Lot's of love back at ya! Now I gotta go fight the Cake Monster for a slice!

Anonymous said...

Cake monster looks like my wife when she is eating cake.. just kidding but she does eat all the damn cake...

thanks for the picture I can say now I have something to tease her with well nice picture.. Mr Tobin

From Dmobile215