Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pocket Sketch Series 1

Well, with March MODOK Madness wrapped up, I thought I needed to find a similar project to keep me busy during the month of April. We're a few days into April now and I'm a little slow with starting my next project: start drawing from life again. Yes, it's something I should do a lot more as I was on top of my game way back when I was drawing all the time for school and the constant computer drawing and cartoon stuff has left me a bit rusty. On a recent trip to the art store, one item I picked up was a 4" x 6" sketchbook, which I'm trying to fill up this month. Anyway, trying not to turn this blog into a little girl diary ("Why won't Kevin call me back? I COULD JUST DIE!"), so back to the art:

Subway platform, L train, 1st Ave. 4/7/08

Old Times Building from W. 44th St. 4/8/08

These are rough, but I'm a bit rusty.


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