Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snowball In Hell

After months of ignoring or forgetting the request, I finally designed a few sketches for the dessert menu cover for the restaurant my momz works at. Not sure if they will dig it and I basically had one theme going on, influenced by classic tattoo flash art, but what the hell (no pun intended). If you ever find yourself in Newport, RI, be sure to pop in for one of these puppies. The Snowball in Hell (chocolate roulade topped with vanilla ice cream in a chocolate coated goblet covered with Callebault chocolate and sprinkled with coconut) is a confectionary colossus not to be scoffed at. Personally, if I do design the cover, I hope to be compensated by receiving a mass amount o' them.




Very NICE!

My only comment would be that the toppings on the glass are a little busy, with all the white outlined in black... maybe tweek a few of the colors, to see if you can do it without the black line....

But beyond that I think you've got some good variations there, Plus the dessert sounds great....

I wonder, if you cross a spoon and a you get a pitchspork..


Hsin-Yi said...

I like the middle one. I think Pedro makes a good suggestion as well, but I'm guessing that the image would be larger, so maybe it wouldn't be an issue.

I think a pitchspork would be funny!