Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kind Of Okay Comics #018

Well, Rex and I were chillin' out earlier in a "borrowed" Buick Skylark, cruising the 'hood and enjoying the rain. He prefers hopping the curb and utilizing previously untraveled territories by motorcar (i.e., sidewalks) and tends to lean on the horn a lot, which I don't mind because it drowns out his relentless stream of inventive cursing. I had to oblige him and all since he told me it was his birthday and all he wanted was a copilot on his annual celebratory drive. Come to think of it, that's his third birthday this year... Anyway, the legend manages to survive yet another year and got me home relatively safely. If my landlord comes asking, you don't know how that Buick Skylark wound up in the living room of Apt. 1L. Thanks for the newest comic, Rex, and happy birthday... yet again!



Hsin-Yi said...

Omg, that was so wrong and so funny at the same time! Thanks for giving me a good laugh to start my day!


not easy being a cowboy I guess. or a horse for that matter..

Good to see you back man, Say Hi to REX for me..


sal iovine said...

haven't been here in a while. wow these comics are awesome dude. very funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Brendan, when you publish the book of these, you need to put the paragraphs that accompanies them. They're as good as the actual strips! :) Or rather, it's a weird symbiotic relationship, where they each enhance each other's existence. Not at all like my tapeworm, but more like my Andaluvian brain slug, which gives me telekinesis. ;)