Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Origin Of Species As It Pertains To Gowanus Gary

I don't think Charles Darwin ever imagined the likes of Gowanus Gary when he drummed up his theory of evolution. However, here's the best possible scenario to be considered in depicting Gary's evolutionary chart. You've come a long way, baby. It also proves once again, the more evolved one becomes, the more delicious blueberry pie becomes. Honest. Look it up.

In related news, I just purchased the domain name for the year. As soon as I figure out the best web hosting service and how to pay for such things, Gowanus Gary shall have his own home away from this here blog.



dana w said...

these are all great. when can we get some gowanus gary t-shirts?

Hsin-Yi said...

I love these as well. Can't wait for his site! T-shirts would be great!

He's cuddly in a mutated sort of way.