Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kind Of Okay Comics #019

In the sticky, summer heat of New York City, Rex Tarkleton made his way towards me through the dense, hazy air to give me his latest strip. Rex was looking pretty good despite the wretched, oppressive weather and I asked him how he was beating the heat. He replied that he was living in a department store window, posing as a mannequin so as not to alert the management to his presence. I think it's pretty ingenious, eluding the staff in such a way for that many hours a day, especially in an all-women's clothing store. But I'm willing to bet that the vision of Rex Tarkleton in a short tennis skirt, centered in the main window is having a negative effect on sales for said clothing store branch. But what do I know about fashion? Thanks for the comic, Rex, and stay cool!




Wow, that's very very deep stuff..
Great comic..


Hsin-Yi said...

Hmmm, I think I need to start taking life lessons from Rex.