Friday, August 7, 2009

Assassination: Doughnut! Preliminary Character Design And Background Sample

I've been toying with this idea lately that has been rolling around my head for awhile, but I'm having a few problems getting it going. What else is new? Above are the three main characters involved. Ambassador Donut has been dispatched to America for a peace accord in hopes to patch up US/Donutopia relations, soured after a recent, tragic police action, lead by a shadowy US agency, in Donutopia. The Ambassador is accompanied by his ever-faithful aide, Jonah J. Jellifild, a meek and nervous fellow. Unfortunately for Mr. Donut, mysterious forces are at work to see that relations stay strained and an assassin has been dispatched to do away with the ambassador. The whole gag here is that the assassin is having a tough time killing the ambassador due to the large hole in the middle of the target's body. So, a sniper shot tends to pass right through him and strikes poor Mr. Jellifild, who of course, bleeds jelly. I'm coming up with more gags related to this theme. Comedic gold. Sigh.



:: smo :: said...

these are great dude!

i always forget this one simple thing...TURNAROUNDS ARE FREAKING HARD!!!

and these are totally seamless, awesome!!!

Hsin-Yi said...

Mmmm, donuts.

yomama said...

would the "tragic police action" be at all related to the propensity of the police to eat donuts?
Is the president of donutopia chocolate frosted?
I'm hungry.....

Brendan Tobin said...


Yes, the police action will be portrayed to perpetuate the idea that cops eat doughnuts. I was thinking that Donutopia would be a monarchy and the reigning monarch would be King Cruller. Is this actually "my mama"?