Friday, November 13, 2009

Synth-Co D2D-3000 Salesbot

How does Synth-Co get its fabulous fabricated and feigned fruit™ door to door? Why the friendly and favorable Synth-Co D2D-3000 Salesbot™ will come rap, rap, rapping upon your door to help you choose from the many tasty choices of Synth-Co 's fabulous fabricated and feigned fruit™! Don't delay, order today!

This piece was suggested by Brad Lindsay, a talented 3D animator who has been coming by the blog here for awhile. Check out his online portfolio and demo reel here.

A few posts ago, I offered a call out to all of you out there to write in and suggest topics for me to illustrate. The offer still stands, so email me or leave a comment in this post telling me what you want me to draw.


1 comment:

Brad Lindsay said...

5 Stars or 3 thumbs up - whichever sounds more impressive...This rocks.
Thanks for the cool illustration!