Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hey all! Did up a poster for good ol' Mark at the Abbey, where he's hosting the annual Abbey Simpsons Thanksgivathon, Sunday November 29th. Each year I pick out around 20 good Simpson episodes for a marathon watching at the bar. It's usually a crowd pleaser.

Since I was making the poster, I felt bad because I've owed my cousin, Anne, a Simpsons-esque portrait of her for like a year now (D'oh!). Since I was already warmed up by drawing some Simpson characters, I figure now was a good time to deliver. She even gave me crap about it via facebook when I was asking people to submit ideas for drawings (which you should all do).



Mr.Mr. said...

They look great. You're going to get more requests, now.

Hsin-Yi said...

Awesome, as usual. Mr.Mr. is right, you will get more requests!
I wish I could be there for the Abbey night, but I will be back in CT.

nedward said...

Mr Mr is correct, Many requests geting you will be