Friday, January 15, 2010

Annex-ed And Very Annoyed

I had an illustration published in the esteemed Park Slope Courier today. The piece was commissioned by the St. John's Place Block Association. The illo they went with was the nastier version of two I made for the organization so I'm expecting angry soccer moms with pitchforks to come a knockin'. Bring it ladies, I made rice krispies treats for all of us.



Anonymous said...

Saw your illustration on a flyer, as I grew up around the corner from Berkeley Carroll. Points for making the kids look winsome. But heads on spikes...? Are they educating 15th century Transylvanians over there and I missed it?

Also wish everyone would stop with the "stroller moms" cliche. It might surprise you to know that there have been families in Park Slope for decades, since long before the Yuppies and hipsters arrived.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the heads on spikes was over the top.