Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Maleficent MODOK #1: Page 1

It all begins here, true believers, in a titantic tale titled "One Hell Of A Headshrinker!", starring the malicious MODOK, wherein he matches wits with Marvel's super-powered sentinel of psychology, Doc Samson!

Yes, there seems to be mistakes right off the bat and believe you me, it won't happen again! Marvel's new Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Devastation, has promised swift corporal punishment to and perverse, painful experimentation on the ragged, remaining Marvel editorial staff for any and all neglected missteps! Corrections: The banner should read "Maleficent", not "Malificent" and the colorist credited is actually the letterer! The non-credited colorist? We didn't even get to catch his name before AIM workers hauled him off as a test subject for something they called the "Brain Buster"! All because he forgot to color in one of MODOK's boots!

Go get your brain busted at March MODOK Madness!


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