Friday, March 26, 2010

The Maleficent MODOK #1: Page 11

Thus concludes "Dinner In The Dark Dimension" featuring the defeat of the dread Dormammu and the ordering of pizzas. I have 2 more story arcs I wanted to do, but time runs short and life gets away from one, however, I'm going to continue on with posting what I can of issue 1 until the 31st ends it (at least at MMM, but will try to finish the issue here at this blog.) Next up: "Boyos' Night Out!", a Marvel Team-Up of sorts featuring nobody's favorite X-Man! See you soon.

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Kevin said...

MODOK will fall before me hahahahahaha... TOBIN!!! sup?? anyway.. when u get the time just check out my shop more designs are coming.. but pass the word around.. thank you sir..:D