Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kind Of Okay Comics #034

Well, I discovered I have a new porchmate who has successfully, without permission, decided to set up habitat upon my front porch for the winter.  Strewn whiskey bottles and stubbed cigarette butts adorn the floor, yellowed underthings hang from the planters, and a strange stench of failure permeates the air.  I was about to scold Rex for the unkempt appearance of the exterior of my humble abode, but then realized the porch was in such the same manner before he arrived.  I told him he could stay if he made the place more presentable and if he delivered me a new comic for the blog.  Begrudgingly, he came up with this beauty.




This has me thinking of what a lunar golf cart might look like.


Mr.Mr. said...

Aliens are so... racist.
I am thankful for the strip, though.