Friday, October 28, 2011

The Legion Of Monsters: The Man-Thing

Dr. Ted Sallis was a bio-chemist working on a super soldier serum as part of a scientific team in the Everglades.  When agents of AIM attacked his laboratory, Sallis fled with the only vial of serum he had been working on, injecting it into himself.  He soon crashes his car in the swamp where chemical and mystical forces transform his body into a living swamp-creature: the hulking Man-Thing.  With hazy, fading memories and a dimmed intellect, Man-Thing roams and has the ability to now burn anyone who knows fear with but a touch.

Man-Thing first appeared in the magazine Savage Tales #1, May 1971 and first joined the Legion of Monsters in Marvel Premiere #28, Feb. 1976.  Also, if you do a search for "Man-Thing" on this blog, you'll see I dig him and draw him a lot.


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