Thursday, December 8, 2011

Plastic Man and Mister Fantastic

Here's the piece for week two at the try-out for The Line It Is Drawn at CBR's Comics Should Be Good blog.  The theme was team-up two comic book characters that have never teamed-up before and one tweeted suggestion on that theme was Plastic Man and Mr. Fantastic.  I'm glad someone suggested it, because I already had it in mind, so how's that for kismet?

This is last piece to be submitted for consideration as one of the two new ongoing artists, and a third as a back-up alternate for the weekly The Line It Is Drawn.  My first piece got a lot of good feedback from a lot of people I don't know and I hope I'm chosen to continue on in the voting process, as of now I'm not quite sure how that will work, but stay tuned.  Check it out.


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GO GO TOBIN.... Looks Awesome...