Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh, That 90's Costume...

For this week's The Line It Is Drawn, the broad topic was:

A follower on Twitter suggested The Thing in the '90s version of the Invisible Woman's costume.”  It really is a hideous and inappropriate costume and I had a lot of fun squeezing Ben Grimm in it.  So there you go.

As always, check out what the talented folks over The Line It Is Drawn came up with.

See you next week.




Awesome mate... Strange and awesome


pacog said...

Wow! I saw it on CBR but I have to come to your place and congratulate you, your drawing is awesome, it looks exactly like one of those drawings from that time.

Brendan Tobin said...

Thanks, guys.

Pacog, I'm a fan of silver-age comics, the style, color and printing and try to mimic that in some of my pieces. This piece here is an homage to the cover of Fantastic Four #51 by the late, great Jack Kirby.