Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Straight Outta Gotham

From week 178, the theme was:
Every fifty installments, this will be the theme! Mash-up a comic book character and a famous music album cover!
Avid Twitter follower, BigMike20X6 suggested: Batman, Ace, and the Batmobile on the cover of Weird Al Yankovic’s Straight Outta Lynwood.  I had to oblige and like how the piece came out, even though I ran out of time for a color treatment.

Speaking of running out of time, here's a bonus piece.

I had remembered doing this suggestion for Week 128 and upon investigating the CSBG blog's archives, I noticed it was not present with the other submissions.  I had finished the drawing, most probably too late to submit to the Line that week.  Another Big Mike suggestion: Nextwave on They Might Be Giants’ NO! album.  Better late than never.

Check out the other great pieces from Week 128 and Week 178.


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