Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kegger Dingus

College is an interesting time in one's life. You're out on your own, studying for midterms, and preparing for a career. And then there's Dingus, funneling beers, doing kegstands, and acing Mass Consumption 101. And don't forget the "Freshman 10": Drunken Boy Dingus outdrank 10 freshmen in a single night. Not a bad feat, even though they're freshman. They say college are the years you will always remember fondly, which may be true for you and me, but Dingus, on the other hand, may not remember much.



eeemily said...

brendan! your art is tight and is so fun to look at! it is great to hear from you. love love mingus dingus


ah...... Delicious Keg beer... Its been a while..... I need another keg one of these days. I hope your doing well of late.


Brendan Tobin said...

Thanks guys. All's somewhat, sort of, um....good here. Thanks for popping in.


PHIL said...


How goes it!? Nice work man. I had an incorrect email for you Ive tried to say hi a few times only to be denied, and then stumbled upon your blog.......check this guy out tell me if he's your style