Friday, October 19, 2007

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg Cover #4: Luxo, The Living Condo

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg #42- Our likable, lumbering, luxury live-in continues to soulfully search for a habitable homeland as he recovers from his battle with the dastardly duo, Bridge and Tunnel! Just as he discovers a reliable, restful refuge, a nefarious nasty returns to reap retaliation! Now five times larger and just as hungry, the Predatory Lender stalks steadily to stamp out the beloved behemoth known as Luxo! Will our weakened, weathered warrior survive the sucking smack down of a substantial scoundrel of somewhat similar size?




Oh Luxo..... I love you.
When Am I gonna see the rest of the comic on this one... the cover is good build up.


James said...

I love Luxo too. The position of Luxo makes Predatory Lender look like the one stopping the destruction. This sets up the postmodern dilemma of no true hero and no true villian. Luxo is both a hero and villian....

Brendan Tobin said...


No plans as of yet to do issues for the covers, but a lot of requests. We'll see. But as of now, the covers exist alone.


Yeah, very postmodern. Luxo is a being that has no place or purpose in this world, a modern day Frankenstein monster. He is similar to, say, Marvel's Incredible Hulk.

Thanks both for feeling the love for Luxo.


sal iovine said...

really like the way you handled the inking. really nice attention to detail. this piece kicks ass. hope all is good.