Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg Cover #1: Captain Hipster

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg #14- Captain Hipster falls under control of I.T.H.O.D., the Ironic Trucker Hat Of Doom, when he innocently dons the diabolical dicer down upon his dome! Will the good Captain's magnanimous might be enough to break free of the malicious malcontent's mental manipulations? Find out in this month's issue, dependable devotees!



Andy J Smith illustration said...

Ahhh the all too ironic trucker hat! A staple of Brooklyn?

Nice stuff! Keep it rollin! Love the Jeffrey Lebowski below as well!

-Uli Konko

James said...

What's the backstory on the I.T.H.O.D? What caused him to slip into a ironic trucker hat of doom? Love the money bag. Would be nice to be paid with a money bag...

Brendan Tobin said...


The ironic trucker hat was a staple of Brooklyn, however, I think it got played out. On to the next fad. But hey, as soon as it gets played out, some hip hipster will make it fashionable again. The Dude thanks you.


Hey pal! Good to see you're still kicking. I.T.H.O.D. is a malevolent little critter who was born out of extreme irony and, of course, strange elemental chemicals. Disguised as a hilarious cap in a local vintage store, I.T.H.O.D. lay await for the perfect host to purchase and doff the said hat. Unfortunately, Captain Hipster's super sense of fashion fads made him prime candidate for the evil lid's prolific plans! I would like to see my paycheck, in a moneybag or not, soon. Sigh....