Friday, July 3, 2009

Here Come The Warm Jets... And An Ironman, Too.

Request for an Ironman drawing fulfilled, here's a pic of the armored avenger playing tag with a few F-14s, in all his motion picture armor glory. Hope to get that on its way to you soon, the artist known as Mino, but for now, it lives in the digital world of the internets amongst the ones and zeroes, viruses and spam mails, and lots of nekkid naughtiness abound. I think billionaire-industrialist-playboy Anthony Stark would approve of the latter.



Liam said...

cool stuff man,
you and pedro are making me want to start drawing marvel characters, really digging the pencil art you posted on it too-looking forward to seeing more.

Hsin-Yi said...

That is really awesome!


Bad Ass...I think we all need a little more Iron Man in our day to day lives..