Friday, July 31, 2009

Gowanus Gary Dot Com

So, I launched, in a sense,, or at least put something there to hold its place. I really haven't figured out the content of said site and want to do a big launch after I figure out promotional magnets to spread around. For now, Gary's just bobbing back and forth.

August 1st is upon us and the summer is rapidly coming to a close. I want to work out a few things this month, get some projects going, like my show pitches and character/prop design portfolio. Rex Tarkleton has been located and promises to submit a few more "Kind of OK Comics" strips, at his leisure of course. He claims to have sketched out up to strip #52, which if released weekly, would cover a year. I roughly sketched out an idea for a comic I'm doing with some friends, tentatively named "Nuts and Bolts" featuring the ongoing battle between squirrels and robots. I'm also figuring out how to mesh Steve Buscemi's image with orthodox icon imagery. We'll see about that one. Beyond that, need me some employment so I can take me a vacation. Isn't that what it's all about?


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Anonymous said...

Gary probably has some relatives here at First Beach. They all have dark red hair.

Mom remember me?