Monday, October 4, 2010

The Magnificent Mr. O's Superhero Birthday

My nephew Oliver, turned 3 a few weeks ago and Uncle Brendan has corrupted the youth with thoughts of comic books and the like. He even knows who Jonah Hex and MODOK are, but loves the classics like Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman. So above is the symbol I came up with for a t-shirt for him to wear at his party, which he did, fueled by sugary cupcakes and wearing a cape, while pretend-flying into doors and guests. The piece below was ironed onto t-shirts and given to all the kiddie guests, who are undoubtedly proud to be included in the membership of Mr. O's Justice Brigade.

And not to outdo myself, the following were brandished on the chests of Amy the Astro Girl and her companion, the Bombastic Uncle B! Had more designs for others (like Jolly GiGi, Magnificent Mom Master, Dynamic Dr. Daddy, and Sammy the Swift), but time and budgetary concerns squashed fabrication. Up, up and Away!


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