Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amazing Marvel Monster Cocktail Party: Bombu!

Welcome to Amazing Marvel Monster Cocktail Party: Get To Know Your Hideous Guests!, a guide to familiarize one's self with various pre-code, Marvel/Atlas monster comic party crashers! Will you know what to do when they show up at your Halloween cocktail party? Are they here to enslave humanity or just looking to drink free booze? Let's find out!


From the far planet of Oobagon VIII, Bombu came to Earth to conquer the world (see a pattern here with old Marvel monster comics?) and came to settle in the Amazon jungle as a local witch doctor. His skills include levitating objects, shrinking animals, creating massive storms, and parking himself near the stereo at your party so he can control the music! There's always one at every party! Behold the mighty Bombu in all his dancing glory when your primitive human hifi cranks out some Supertramp!

Bombu first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #60, September 1960.


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your killing these dude...
keep cranking out the goodness... Supertramp forever...