Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Amazing Marvel Monster Cocktail Party: Orrgo!

Welcome to Amazing Marvel Monster Cocktail Party: Get To Know Your Hideous Guests!, a guide to familiarize one's self with various pre-code, Marvel/Atlas monster comic party crashers! Will you know what to do when they show up at your Halloween cocktail party? Are they here to enslave humanity or just looking to drink free booze? Let's find out!


Orrgo came to Earth ultimately to claim it for his alien peeps, demonstrating incredible hypnotic powers! His first go around, he was defeated by a hungry gorilla! No. Seriously. In failing to be as unconquerable as his title suggests, he stuck around for a few good times, using his awesome powers of suggestion to get invited to the choicest soirées. He enjoys a stiff martini made of finest gin and is best avoided when near the snack table. Beware.... of Orrgo the ominous hors d'oeuvre overmaster!!!!

Orrgo first appeared in Strange Tales #90, November 1961.


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