Thursday, October 28, 2010

Amazing Marvel Monster Cocktail Party: Torr!

Welcome to Amazing Marvel Monster Cocktail Party: Get To Know Your Hideous Guests!, a guide to familiarize one's self with various pre-code, Marvel/Atlas monster comic party crashers! Will you know what to do when they show up at your Halloween cocktail party? Are they here to enslave humanity or just looking to drink free booze? Let's find out!


Torr came to Earth... sigh... you know why he came here, to conquer, but he was foiled. Anyway, don't be surprised if Torr shows up your party and you don't notice him. Yes, even at an astounding 8 feet tall, covered in reddish hair, and sporting an ill-fitting sports coat, this would-be conquerer of man is a bit of a wallflower. Where is he? Try looking in the corner to catch a glimpse of this gentle giant quietly munching away on a plate of crudité.

Torr's first appearance occurred in Amazing Adventures #1, June 1961.



Mr.Mr. said...

Brilliant, as usual!

Edward said...

Loving the Marvel Monsters!!


The way your framing all of these is spectacular... Loving the inclusion of drinks and snacks.


Wenni Donna said...

Thank you very much for sharing that information here dear. I just love cocktail parties. Last week, I have been to a nearby event organized by local community at NYC venues. It was so much fun and I also got some party ideas from there as well.