Friday, May 13, 2011

Luke Cage, Hero For Hire

Who would bust into the Baxter Building, toss around the Fantastic Four, ask to borrow a rocket, fly to Latveria, and then proceed to put a smack down on Dr. Doom until he pays up the $200 he stiffed you for a job? Sweet Christmas, Luke Cage would, you jive turkey. Another MAY-VEL piece coinciding with Pedro's, which you can check out here. Up next? Thundra, baby.

Yesterday's post and comments are gone due to a Blogger snafu. I guess during a maintenance or new design run, they knocked out all service and deleted yesterday's doings affecting everyone with a blogger account. Too bad, that Hulk cover was getting decent traffic and was featured on another blog, all of which, at this moment, is gone. Hopefully they will get those restored.




Great Stuff!... great story telling..

Nico said...

Sweet Christmas! Doesn't he know Doom has diplomatic immunity? Agree this is a great image with great story telling.