Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thor, God Of Thunder

Well, since Pedro did such wonderful work on his Thor sketches for our ongoing drawing challenge he has termed MAY-VEL, I throw this one in the ring in addition to my Thor Week piece. Just saw the movie today, and despite my usual minor gripes, I enjoyed it. Seeing Thor knock around some Frost Giants with Mjolnir was worth the admission price alone. But, I digress.

This image I will be using for a free trading card give away today at Annex Comics here in Newport. May 7th is Free Comic Book Day around the nation and I'm giving away this puppy, as well as sketching in the shop for anyone who wants to drop by for one. So come down and score some free comics and other goodies. Annex Comics is located at 314 Broadway in Newport, RI. It is conveniently located across from a liquor store.


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looking forward to the movie....Best of luck to you today with the drawings at the comic shop...