Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thor Week: Thor!!!!!

The man of the hour shows up on the most appropriate day of Thor Week: Thursday! The very day named after him. This drawing is the fifth piece of the Thor Week drawing challenge and also acts as the first piece in another drawing challenge known as MAYVEL! A pal of mine, Pedro Delgado, who you might know as my co-collaborator on March MODOK Madness, decided he would draw a few Marvel Comics characters this month, and I suggested we both take a stab at the same characters. So follow us all month for a multitude of mighty Marvel madness this May. One drawing for two drawing challenges, isn't that kind of lazy, you're asking? Absolutely. However, Pedro makes up for it with 2 great sketches of Thor at his blog. Check them out.


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That's Awesome...I particularly love the way you handle the line work and make it feel like a vintage marvel drawing...also digging the colors you use for these pin ups... I'm looking forward to a month of fun drawings..