Friday, August 17, 2007

Sweet Christmas, Sucka!

Luke Cage, Hero for Hire. Marvel's first blaxploitation hero, Luke Cage gained his powers as a guinea pig in an experiment performed on prison inmates. Gaining super-strength and bulletproof skin, Luke busted out and began a long career of mopping up Harlem's seedy underground. As the name Hero for Hire suggests, he was different than other Marvel superheroes, as he often asked for payment for his services. Hey, a sucka's gotta eat!



James said...

did he team up with Iron Fist? That's one bad motha-[watch yo mouth]-I'm only talkin' bout the illustration-[we can dig it]!

Brendan Tobin said...


Yeah, at some point he changed his name to Power Man and then he shared his title with Iron Fist. They've been buddies ever since.


Chance Boyer said...

yeah, but when luke cage thought iron fist died, and then just recently iron fist came back and is in the avengers, but luke cage won't talk to him for some reason...not to mention, elektra is a skrull!!!!

Brendan Tobin said...


You know your stuff! I've kind of dropped out of current comics for awhile, so keep me updated.


Chance said...

haha, yeah i could give u a little update: bucky (who never actually died, and has been a brain-washed sovit spy for the past 70 60 years) is the new captain america! and aunt my got shot by a bullet meant for spidey, went into a coma, then, the web slinger makes an intense deal with mephisto to bring back to good health, for peter an m.j.'s marriage. and now, aparently, that alters the past somehow, so now spider-man's identity is secret again... and the green lantern corps. just had a KILLER fight with the sinistro corps. !