Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg Sketches

Coming up on August 25th, I will be hanging a show at the Abbey here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There will be 4 to 5 pieces up on the walls, each one a mock comic book cover with the banner "Toxic Tales of Williamsburg". While trying to keep the subject of the show somewhat hush-hush, I've decided to post some sketches of the characters featured on the covers.

Captain Hipster.

The Slick.

Madam Mainstay.

Luxo, the Living Condo.





The all look pretty happy.... I think Luxo is my fave though.
Does he have "In building" Laundry?


Brendan Tobin said...


Ha, yes, Luxo does have "in-building" laundry, but it is also sentient. It gets downright ornery when you mix dark and lights! The finished pencils of that sketch worked out pretty good and I will be posting that when the show draws nearer.


James said...

Those are sweet honey pie. looking foward to the finished product. Be nice to see a hipster sidekick with a 'stache. I like the madam and luxo best.

Brendan Tobin said...


Thanks, man. The tighter pencils are real sweet as well and I will post them soon. Captain Hipster was going to have a sidekick named "Trusty", and he was to be either a trustafarian or an actual trust fund (represented as a bundle of papers, I guess). I decided to scrap that idea, though. There will be an ironic trucker hat in there though.... Keep watching for it.